What is intuition and how does it operate?

My concise working definition of intuition:
Intuition is an innate mental ability in human beings, which functions as a normal biological sensory system receiving and transmitting information through its unique effects, classified as “psi effects”; it is an adaptive process evolving naturally over time as an extremely useful, efficient defense mechanism.

An expanded general description:
To begin adopting intuition as your own ability, start by equating it your other very familiar sensory systems, e.g., your vision, hearing and taste, to name a few. Like these, in fact like all the well-known human senses, intuition, functioning as a common sensory system, also provides helpful information to keep you out of harm’s way and ‘on track’ while you move around in daily life. You can discover how to recognize its unique spontaneous signals – called psi-effects - and with training, learn to control it when you would like to use it and benefit from its information.  More...
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Important note: Begin to use the word intuition as a verb, as in ‘to intuit". When declined the verb becomes:
"I intuit. You intuit. He or she intuits. We intuit. You intuit. And, they intuit." This, of course, makes you an "intuitor" or an ‘intuitive’ person!
Welcome to the world of intuition!

Every human beings’ long-recognized perceptible sensory effects are connected with experience. For example, think about your own visual effects made possible through seeing something by the sense of sight or vision, of sound effects heard through hearing, or audition, and of sweet, sour, bitter and salt flavors noticed with taste, or gustatory effects. Intuitive experiences also are perceptible through its unique effects, which are recognized internationally as "psi effects".

The current well-known classified group of intuition’s psi-effects includes telepathy, precognition and clairvoyance among others. These effects are the ‘reporters’ of intuitively transmitted information. Usually, we ‘receive’ them as mental experiences which are intuition’s distinctive perceptible attention-getting ‘alerts’. Once intuitively informed, it then is up to the ‘intuitor’ to take action using the information . As examples, two common perceptible psi effects are experienced as a ‘sense’ of danger, or a ‘gut feeling’. They might be reporting that the upsetting situation occurring of the moment actually will turn out alright in the end.

To use our intuition correctly, each of us is personally responsible to become aware of these effects and recognize them when they happen for us. This is precisely what happens when we, as toddlers, began to discover that the world is full of sound, or sound effects. In a short space of time we learn to separate those many effects into music, human voices, blowing wind and airplanes overhead. We become aware of, or perceive, these in our head and learn over time associate them with particular situations in our lives. The same is true of intuition’s psi effects. We learn, over time, to recognize them.  More...
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Answer coming soon...
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Got jitters? Personal? Economic? Use intuition - a safe route to stability, innovation & excellence.

   Gail Ferguson, M.A.
Intuitive Consultant, Instructor & Speaker
Author of 'Cracking the Intuition Code'
• How often does your intuition work?   
  Frequently? Rarely? Never?

• Is the information confusing?
  Most people say it is.

• Can you control your intuition?
  Most say no.

• Do you know what your intuition can do?
   A vast number of people do not.

How strange!

About this website.
Expressly designed for you to explore a new perspective on intuition.

Confusing?  No control?  Puzzling purpose?  Given that we humans are known for our lively curiosity, one must ask why so many are still in the dark about their own intuition? Are you?     Why not contact Gail Ferguson and learn? She teaches that: intuition is a human sensory ability, like vision and hearing; it receives information about interactions in the environment that are influencing our physical and mental activity; we can learn to use its information intelligently.

Ms. Ferguson specializes in working with individuals, corporations and groups who need to be innovative yet stable, self-sustaining yet cooperative. Her objective is to teach participants in her workshops and classes how to use intuition intelligently, and also skillfully, in real-life situations.

An intuitive consultant, or psychic, educator and popular public speaker, Gail Ferguson offers: private intuitive consultations; one-on-one intuition training; a wide range of intuition workshops and in-service programs for small businesses, large corporations, health-care organizations, church groups, and more. As keynote speaker, Gail makes corporate seminars and group events memorable occasions. She is director of Set Point Associates, which is based near Seattle, WA, U.S.A.

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Comments on Ferguson's work -
  'I found Gail's class more provocative and life changing than anything I have learned since seminary. An extremely rational thinker, she teaches in a down-to-earth, well structured way.' Pastor B.J. Beu

  'Your explanations gave me words for my own intuitive experiences.' A Student

  'Your reading was just what I needed, because it turned me on to real possibilities I had not thought of myself.' Yvonne

According to Psychologist and Intuitive Consultant Gail Ferguson,
“Intuition is a normal ability in all of us, provided by nature for our protection.”

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