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The Corner Exercise - Join us here each week, and begin to train your intuition

Click to find out more about The Corner Exercise - Join us here each week, and begin to train your intuition
On Monday morning of every week, between the hours of 7:00 and 9:00 AM, Pacific Time, I place something on the top shelf of this bookcase in the photograph. It stands in the NE corner of my library on Fox Island, WA.

Your objective is to intuit this object any time you choose during the week.

1. Begin by asking, 'What do I know about the object in the corner?'
2. Wait patiently to receive its report. (This could be swift, or take up to 30 seconds.)
3. Pay close attention to the effects you perceive in your mind. Note: You might have a 'sense' of it,a 'feeling' or simply 'know in words'.
4. Write in words, or draw a picture of all the information you detect. (Please, honor the cardinal rule: DO NOT EDIT!)
5. Finally, note whether the object affects your comfort level. Specifically, does it seem attractive (+), threatening (-) or insignificant (0)? (In other words: Do you like it (+), feel disturbed by it (-), or is it simply neutral (0)?)
6. Note your impression of its affect on you.
7. Submit your information here. Then compare your intuited points with the photo and details provided.

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