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North to Alaska - Seminar at Sea

Business and Intuitiveness I

About this workshop
Three sections: Know Yourself, A Blueprint for Intuition, and Expressions of Intuition from the Back Room to the Board Room.

Business and Intuitiveness I is prerequisite for three more workshops, which are recommended for all those who are dedicated to mastering their intuitive ability.

‘Business and Intuitiveness I’ topics:
• historical highlights of human intuition
• why it functions
• why you must not trust intuition
• the connection between intuition and success
• what to expect from intuition—its laws of action
• what to expect of yourself as an intuitive person
• how to recognize psi effects; how they change as you mature intuitively
• avoiding mistakes
• intuition’s role in balancing personal freedom and professional demands
Recommended Reading
Ferguson, Gail, Cracking the Intuition Code. Chicago, Illinois: NTC/Contemporary Books, 1999.
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