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The first question people ask is, 'Can I trust my intuition?'

by Gail C. Ferguson

No! No! A thousand times! No! You must not trust this phenomenon called intuition. You can expect it to work!

The difference between these commands lies with the verbs. The first, to “trust”, implies that one can hope for results, but with little certainty. To “expect”, on the other hand, is to have no doubt of an outcome.

My view is that intuition is a biological process, a nature-driven information provider. Like other phenomena in the natural order, it is governed by laws that are consistent; hence, it serves us in its way. In the future, when we have figured out its rules, then people of all ages will expect it to work and as a result, will use it confidently.

It would probably surprise most to learn how much safety we squander when we fail to make the most of this ability. To better appreciate this loss, ... Read More

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